Translated "Let's drink from the joyful cups" is a duet with chorus from Verdi's La Traviata.  This song is a Brindisi, which is an upbeat song that encourages drinking wine or other beverages.  This duet is performed in the first act of the opera at a party hosted by Violetta Valéry.  The piece is started by Alfredo and then joined by Violetta and the rest of the crowd.

ACERBA VOLUTA (from Adriana Lecouvreur)

The Princess de Bouillon is waiting for Maurizio to arrive for their secret tryst.  She complains of the pains that love brings her and wonders if he will show up.  


Bitter pleasure, sweet torture,

Slow agony, quick offense,

Blaze, frost, tremor, restlessness, fear,

For the lover who waits expectantly!


Every echo, every shadow in the kindling night

Conspires against the impatient soul:

Everything is suspended between doubt and desire,

One moment is an eternity…


Will he come? Has he forgotten me? Will he hasten to me? Or will he turn back?

Here he comes!...No, it is the sound of the river,

Mixed with the sighs of a dormant tree….

O vagabond eastern star,

Do not set: smile on the universe,

And guard my love, if he does not mind the way!.

LA DONNA E MOBILE (from Rigoletto)

This is the Duke of Mantua's famous theme song that in its 1851 premiere, was hailed as the highlight of the evening.  

Woman is flighty.
Like a feather in the wind,
she changes in voice
and in thought.

Always a lovely,
pretty face,
in tears or in laughter,
it is untrue.

Always miserable
is he who trusts her,
he who confides in her
his unwary heart!

et one never feels
fully happy
who from that bosom
does not drink love!

DICH TEURE HALLE (from Tannhäuser)

Elizabeth eagerly awaits the return of Tannhäuser as she enters the great hall where the music he would sing would bring her to life.

You, dear hall, 

I greet you joyfully, beloved room!

In you his songs awake

And wake me from a dusky dream.

When he departed from you

How dull you seemed to me!

Peace flew out of me

And joy went out of you.

And now my bosom is raised high

As you now seem to me proud and noble

He who brings you and me to life

Is no longer wandering far away

And now my bosom is raised high

As you now seem to me proud and noble

He who brings you and me to life

Is no longer wandering far away

I greet you, I greet you!

You, dear hall, I greet you!

I greet you!

SEGUIDILLA (from Carmen)

Carmen uses seduction to persuade Jose to release her from jail as she sings to him in this aria / duet. 

Near the walls of Seville,
At my friend place, Lillas Pastia
I will dance the Seguedille
And drink Manzanilla.

I will go to the home of my friend Lillas Pastia.
Yes, all alone one can get bored,
And real pleasures are for two;
So, to keep me company,
I'll take my lover!
My love, he is the devil,
I did away with him yesterday!
My poor heart is very consolable
My heart is free as a bird!
I have a dozen suitors,
But they are not to my liking.
This is the end of the week
Who will love me? I will love him!
Who wants my soul? It is for you to take.
You arrive at the right time!
I have little time to wait,
Because with my new lover,
Near the walls of Seville,
I will go to my friend, Lillas Pastia!

O SOLE MIO (Neapolitan Song)

What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!
The air is serene after a storm,
The air is so fresh that it already feels like a celebration.
What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!

But another sun, even more beauteous, oh my sweetheart,
My own sun, shines from your face!
This sun, my own sun,
Shines from your face; It shines from your face!

Your window panes shine;
A laundress is singing and boasting about it;
And while she's wringing the clothes, hanging them up to dry, and singing,
Your window panes shine.

When night comes and the sun has gone down,
I almost start feeling melancholy;
I'd stay below your window
When night comes and the sun has gone down.

O SOAVE FANCIULLA (from La Boheme)

This famous duet, Mimi (a seamstress) and Rodolfo (a poet) have realized that they have fallen in love.

CAT DUET (Rossini)

This funny duet has 2 female cats fighting over the Tom cat.


BE MY LOVE (Written for Mario Lanza)

ART IS CALLING FOR ME (from The Enchantress)

LOVE FOR SALE (by Cole Porter)