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Opera for Earth Corporation is a 501(c)3 corporation that uses performing arts to raise awareness to the value of preserving and caring for our natural resources.

Opera for Earth Corporation has begun an education initiative to educate our audiences about the music and stories they are hearing.  We want our audiences to know exactly what's going on in the pieces we sing, so we explain everything we are singing to keep the audience engaged and coming back for more.  

Opera for Earth also uses performing arts to raise funding for environmental education for children in grades K - 8.


Opera for Earth will come to you and perform a concert - prepare your students for a concert - even perform a concert WITH your students.   Let's bring your community together to raise awareness and funds to educate the next generation of leaders. 


We are opera singers who really care about the environment.  We don't want to eat toxic food or drink water with contaminants.  We want to live in a clean environment.  We understand the inspiration that nature carries to music and we carry that to our audience.

Jodi Karem, Founder & President

Monica Camafreita, Vice President & Treasurer

Thomas Geib, Secretary

Arnetta Clark, Director:  Mississippi Branch

Cody Austin, Community Liaison, Florida Branch

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