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Thank you to our Sponsors! 
We need you and appreciate you!!

2022 Sponsors

Rainbow Donors: ($2,000 - $4,999)
R&B Feder Charitable Foundation for the Beaux Arts helped bring us to Lambert, MS!

Garden Donors: ($500 - $1,999)

Cigar City Brewing / Cigar City Cider & Mead

supported our Community Holiday Concert!!!
BLOSSOM DONORS ($1 - $499):

Pinellas Opera League

Heather Woodbury

Vito Barravecchio

Annonymous Donor

Annonymous Donor

Lenore Karem

Bay Ridge Management Corps

Annoymous Donor

Annonymous Donor

2021 Sponsors

Garden Donors ($5,000 - $9,999)
R&B Feder Charitable Foundation for the Beaux Arts helped bring us to Marks!

MS Arts Commission grant to Quitman Co. Middle School helped bring us to Marks!

BLOSSOM DONORS ($1 - $499):

Monica Camafreita

Delta Shee Shed Custom T's & Design

Vito Barravecchio

Unnamed Donor

Demetra Moralis

Lenore Karem

Phyllis Fitzgerald

Carol Phillips

Anthony Karem

Tamina Karem

Yevgenly Galinski

Alexsandra Granovskaya

Oscar Diaz

Lisa Reeves

Catherine Dupressoir

Ashley Cutright

Ilanna Starr

Kristina Bachrach

Erin Moll

Lori Aginian

Mark Martinez

Janani Sridhar

Marie-Joe Abi-Nassif

Ramon Gabriel Tenefrancia

Pedro Valdez

Stephanie Doche

Jessica Adkins

Christina Brandt

Chelsea Kolic

Perri Sussman

Joseph Hochgesang

Aurora Martin

Melissa Sondhi

Emily Tate

Frank Laucerica

Silvana Chu

Shaina Martinez

Robert Feng

Hanna Roberts

Charlotte Hoather

Claire Robinson

Julie Jackson

Raphaella Waterbury

Ron Dukes

Anna Brady

Megan Lipian

Heather Hjelle

Lauryn Nelson

Luisa Reyes

Diane Ayerdi

Thanks to our Special Sponsors for 
Verdi's Macbeth coming to Clearwater on October 30th!

Highland Hustle  CLICK HERE
St. Andrew's Society of Tampa Bay 
Pruden Place Media 

Thanks to our Special Sponsor Cigar City Brewing / Cigar City Cider & Mead for sponsoring our Holiday Community Concert!!

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